ReCollection at WorldArt Gallery

Gesiggies by Faatimah Mohamed-Luke.

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke’s second solo exhibition titled ReCollection, opened last week, at WorldArt Gallery.

Faatimah is known for her use of building blocks to create artworks that resemble paintings.

After completing her studies in 2003 she spent her professional life working in various disciplines of design. She is also a founding partner of a fashion brand, Adam&Eve.

In 2016 she shifted her focus to art and presently creates large-scale wall art made of plastic building blocks.

“My joy and nostalgia comes from growing up in the 90s, adding colour palettes from gesiggies (face sweets), zoo biscuits, Chappies, Jelly babies, Licorice all sorts, Barney, Kewpie dolls, trolls.

“I prefer to focus on the joy and nostalgia of growing up in South Africa rather than only the painful history. I think that is what resonates with folks who like my work; that the work can be relevant and joyful.

“They always have fond memories because of the medium and subject matter, and leave the exhibition lighter and happier,” said Faatimah.

The exhibition ends on Thursday March 26. For more information, contact or 021 423 3075.