Site found for refugees

The rest of the refugees living in Albertus Street were moved to the Wingfield base.

Novel focuses on severe intellectual disability

Hedi Lampert grew up with an aunt who suffers from Fragile X syndrome and she has spent the last 15 years researching it.

Read of the Week

Captain Reshma Patel stumbles upon a grisly crime scene under Park Station in Johannesburg.

District Six mosque turns 100

The mosque is nestled between the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Good Hope Centre.

Community Chest on the Covid-19 frontlines

Johnson & Johnson and Community Chest donated seven truckloads consisting of over 200 pallets of consumer goods.

We are all in this together

Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, Geoff Jacobs, says the lockdown is necessary.

Thank you to donors

The Ikamva Labantu thanks its donors.

New janaa-iz regulations

Covid-19 deceased to be treated as infectious under new rules.

Police bring criminals to book

Seven people were arrested for breaking into Liny’s Baby Shop.

What lockdown is like in the townships

The lockdown proved to be a challenge for many, especially women in the communities.