World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day was marked on Wednesday February 5.

Week in pictures

The outdoor event was part of First Thursdays on February 4.

Held ‘to ransom’

Tensions were high among the group of hotel and business owners who joined the walkabout.

Road closures in the CBD

The restrictions started at 1am today and will continue until 10pm tomorrow night.

Valentine’s grooves

The Tune Recreation Committee will perform a set called The TRC Valentine’s Day Grooves.

District Six Museum celebrates its 54th remembrance walk

The event will start at the District Six Homecoming Centre in Buitenkant Street.

Charity fund-raiser

The Last Night of the Proms concert takes place on Saturday March 14.

Exhibition match

The Zip Zap Circus will perform with the Ndlovu Youth Choir at Cape Town Stadium.

Read of the Week

Fiona Snyckers has written a critique of the award-winning Disgrace.

Fleabag at The Fugard Theatre

Screenings are presented on The Fugard Theatre’s full-size high-definition cinema screen.