Pedestrian knocked down, injured by MyCiTi bus

A 42-year-old man was injured on the morning of September 7 after he was knocked by a MyCiTi bus in Adderley Street.

ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, said the paramedics and Metro services arrived on the scene and found the patient lying in the middle of the bus lane.

“On assessment, the paramedics found that the man had sustained only moderate injuries. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported on the scene.”

No one in the bus sustained injuries.

He said the paramedics treated the patient and took him to New Somerset Hospital.

Brett Herron, Mayco member for transport, said the investigation was not yet concluded, so he cannot assume that the MyCiTi bus driver was at fault.

“We would like to remind pedestrians that the dedicated red bus lanes are for the exclusive use of the MyCiTi buses. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians to take shortcuts over these lanes or to step into the lanes. Pedestrians, cyclists and other road users should stay out of these clearly marked roadways at all times.”

Mr Herron said that drivers from the vehicle operating companies, who are contracted by the City, must report all road accidents to the police and to the City. He said they are also required to notify the City of the outcome of any disciplinary action against employees.

He said gross negligence, blameworthy accidents, absenteeism, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving without the correct licence and theft of company property, are regarded as dismissible offences for MyCiTi bus drivers.

“I can assure our residents and commuters that we are holding our vehicle operating companies to their contractual operating standards and obligations. Complaints about drivers and the MyCiTi service are investigated and, if substantiated, there are consequences.”

He said that passengers should lodge any formal complaint with the Transport Information Centre (TIC) on 0800 65 64 63. The TIC is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is toll-free from a landline, and callers are assisted in Afrikaans, English or Xhosa.

“All complaints related to the MyCiTi service are duly investigated and, if well-founded, the vehicle operating companies are held to task for poor service, non-schedule adherence or poor driving, etcetera.”

This was not the first accident in the city centre involving a MyCiTi bus this year.

Four months ago, in May, a MyCiTi bus drove through a concrete barrier at a construction site in South Arm Road near the Cape Town harbour, injuring a woman.

* A man in his 20s was left critically injured after he fell off his motorbike on De Waal Drive on Friday September 9.

Mr Meiring said the paramedics, along with Life Healthcare and Metro Services, arrived on the scene and found the man lying in the middle of the road just a few feet away from his motorbike.

The man was treated with numerous advanced life support interventions in an effort to stabilise his vital signs.

He was taken to Groote Schuur Hospital. The cause of the incident was not yet known.