GrandWest to close for maintenance

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

GrandWest will be shutting down all operations across the complex from 11pm on Sunday February 18 to Wednesday February 21.

In a statement, general manager, Mervyn Naidoo, says, “The complex was built 23 years ago and in that time technology has raced ahead. Frequent power cuts have also taken their toll, so the ageing electrical infrastructure requires extensive upgrades. We spent the past year working on a master-plan to overhaul our entire electrical infrastructure to also install newer model generators.

“We feel that shutting down parts of the complex at a time will be more disruptive to guests than simply closing for three days to give the contractors the space and time they need for new installations.”

Visitors will have to start leaving GrandWest from 11pm on Sunday night. By midnight the complex will be closed, and the contractors will take over.

Engineers will begin tests from early on Wednesday. Various shifts will come on duty from 10am as staff prepare for the reopening on Thursday morning.

“Casino MVG members will be notified electronically when we reopen, and we ask that anyone wanting to visit other areas of the complex to check for updates. We regret the inconvenience and thank our guests for their patience,” said Mr Naidoo.