Swift action leads to multiple arrests

The Cluster Major Offences Reaction Unit on April 30 arrested a 20-year-old man involved in a robbery, as well as two men who bought some of the stolen goods.

The police officers were approached by two men who said they had been robbed in Caledon Street on Sunday April 29 and had opened a case.

They were robbed of their personal belongings, which included a laptop, a video camera, a lite gold battery, one USB, two cellphones, a hard drive, and a black Adidas bag, by three men who had threatened to stab them if they resisted or tried to cause a scene.

The next day they spotted one of the men who had robbed them as he was still dressed in the same clothes – a maroon T-shirt and a black denim jeans.

The men pointed out the suspect to the officers, who arrested him. The suspect still had the Adidas bag in his possession, and inside the bag was a hard drive and the USB drive.

The man then led the police to a club where he sold the other goods to a bouncer, who was in possession of one of the stolen cellphones. The bouncer was arrested for possession of stolen property.

He led the police to another buyer, a taxi cab driver, who had the other cellphone, and was also arrested for possession of stolen goods.

The Cape Town Central police made several drug-related arrests last week, from Wednesday April 25 until Sunday April 29.

They arrested 10 people for possession of drugs, including dagga, heroin, Mandrax powder, and unga, near the station deck, Darling Street and Strand Street. They also arrested a man for possession of a dangerous weapon.

On Saturday April 28, City law enforcement officers arrested a 28-year-old man for possession of heroin on the Grand Parade.

In the same week, they arrested six people for shoplifting, as well as two people for theft out of motor vehicle.

On Tuesday April 24, at about 1pm, a 43-year-old man entered a cellphone store in Adderley Street, saying he required an upgrade for his cellphone. When the assistant manager processed the man’s information, the system showed that the man had already opened a contract with the store using a different name.

The manager requested assistance from Central City Improvement District (CCID) security who apprehended the man until police arrived. He was arrested for fraud.

On Wednesday April 25, a City law enforcement officer doing crime prevention duties, was called for assistance in Strand Street by a CCID security manager.

The CCID security manager informed her that a man was found inside a vehicle that didn’t belong to him. The officer rushed to the scene and saw the manager and the suspect fighting. The man wanted to stab the CCID manager as he blocked the man from escaping. The man was subsequently arrested by the officer with the assistance of the CCID, and was taken to hospital to treat minor injuries he sustained during arrest.

The man was charged with assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

On Thursday April 26, a woman was robbed of her cellphone while she walked in Long Street. She shouted for help and the two men were caught by people walking behind her, who then called the police. The men, aged between 20 and 30, were arrested and the cellphone, which was found in their possession, was returned to the woman.

On the same day, Law Enforcement officers on the Grand Parade arrested a 26-year-old man for stealing a cellphone from an unsuspecting patron at an eatery in the area.

On Saturday April 28, a police officer arrested a man in Keerom Street for crimen injuria after he insulted the police and resisted arrest.

Police arrested four suspects for driving under the influence of liquor or drugs on Thursday April 26 and Friday April 27. The suspects were arrested in Loop, Long and Orange streets.

On Saturday May 2, law enforcement officers were informed by a trader that his car had been stolen and the thieves may have been heading down the N2.

The officers then found the vehicle stationary on the N2 just before the bridge in Mowbray with a tow-rope attached to the car. No arrests have been made as the thieves were nowhere to be seen.