City to increase CBD traffic patrols

Dave Bryant on his city walkabout.

Traffic patrols will increase in the city centre from next month, to ensure that motorists parking in the CBD obey the parking by-laws.

This is after ward councilor Dave Bryant took to the streets of the CBD to identify traffic and congestion issues on Tuesday August 23.

He narrowed his focus down to two streets – Adderley and Bree.

“We have some issues with the cycle lanes and how vehicles react to those lanes. We have cars double-parking on the cycle lane, parking on red lines and in loading bays,” he said.

He said vehicles which violated parking by-laws were fined during the walkabout.

As a result of the findings on the walk, Mr Bryant said they will step up patrols next month to ensure that people obey the rules of the road.

“We are going to take action. I strongly discourage anyone from parking illegally to do so in the up coming month.”

Apart from enforcement, Mr Bryant said he would focus on improving faded signage and installing new signs so that people do not make excuses for illegal parking.

He encouraged people who commute to the city to carpool.

“Most people coming to the City are commuters. We want to encourage people to find someone trustworthy who lives near to them and use one car to drive to the city.

“We are trying to get people to be proactive and assist to relieve congestion.

“The CBD has a variety of users and we want to make it accessible for all.”