Calls to help the homeless

South Africa - Cape Town - 1 April 2020 - As a response to the national lockdown the City of Cape Town has put up single man tents with blankets for the homeless under the N2 bridge coming into town. Three filling meals a day is also supplied. Toilets and running water are available 24/7 in the demarcated area. No mattresses were able to be supplied and this has upset some of the homeless while others say its no problem as they are used to cardboard, let alone blankets. Picture Courtney Africa/African News Agency
As the national lockdown continues, non-governmental organisations in the City Centre, businesses and residents have joined hands to help the homeless community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the lockdown, it is now harder than ever for the homeless to access food, a safe space to shelter, basic ablution facilities and medical care. 

There are also concerns that the virus could spread as the homeless community has limited access to running water and ablution facilities. 

However, Pat Eddy, manager of Social Development at the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), says there are efforts to help the homeless during this time.

Ms Eddy says the CCID has been working with NGO to provide additional food, PPE (including masks and gloves), soap, hand sanitiser, mobile hand sanitiser stations, blankets, shoes and personal hygiene care bags with basic toiletries.

“We are about to launch our annual Show You Care campaign to create awareness about the challenges this community faces, and will be calling for the donation of money, clothing and food. In the meantime, we ask that the public assist where they can: even the smallest contributions can make a massive difference right now,” she said. 

For more information on the CCID’s social development department, please visit