Court at Alexander Upstairs

The production Court will run at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre, 76 Strand Street, from Monday July 4 to Saturday July 16. Directed by Richard Wright-Firth and written by Candice van Litsenborgh, the play tells the story of Tawny, whose life would be perfectly ordinary if it weren’t for the fact that, 22 years ago, she was “the girl” in a high-profile celebrity rape case. Caught between running from a story she doesn’t want to tell and knowing that the media chase won’t end until she speaks out, her story sees the production exploring the mutability of story, truth and victimhood. Based in part on the life experiences of Samantha Geimer, who brought rape charges against the director, Roman Polanski, the play stars Claire-Louise Worby and the Fleur Du Cap- and Naledi-nominated Candice van Litsenborgh, pictured. Tickets cost R100 at the door or R90 if
booked online at For more information, call 021 300 1652.