The other side

■ A multimedia exhibition exploring the “other side” will open at the Iziko South African Museum on Saturday May 12, at 11.30am. After Life speaks to the re-interpretation of the museum specimen through the eyes of artist, Kali van der Merwe’s imagination. The three dimensional artworks are plantasmic, hybrid life forms composed of bones, insect remains, plant material, excreta and sections of animal corpses. The various elements are preserved and put together with alternative methods of taxidermy she has learned and developed. Through this, she endeavours to re-imagine and re-image alternate paths that evolution could have taken. The exhibition closes on Sunday August 12. The Iziko South African Museum is open daily from 10am until 5pm. Call 021 481 3800. Pictured is a piece from the After Life collection, Mysterium Fascinans.