V&A Waterfront barricade raises community concerns

Concern about a barricade used by V&A Waterfront management at Portswood circle during peak traffic hours was raised at a ward committee meeting.

The barricade prevents drivers from going all around the circle and instead forces them to exit into Portswood Road.

Transport for Cape Town official Raymond Dick told the Ward 115 committee meeting on August 17 that the barricade, as well as road closures by the V&A Waterfront management contributed to congestion in the CBD.

He said motorists often cut through Dock Road from the elevated freeway to get to Sea Point and Green Point.

Ward councillor Dave Bryant agreed that this was causing a traffic blockage.

However, Donald Kau, head of communications for the V&A Waterfront, said the barricade was a safety precaution implemented to deter sedan taxis operating without permits, from accessing the circle as a shortcut.

“We had noticed an increasing volume of the taxis using the circle per hour and the barricade acts as a preventative measure to streamline traffic flow and ensure public safety.

“The barricade is only in place when deemed necessary, and directs motorists entering the circle via Dock and Portswood Road to exit towards Breakwater, easing congestion around the circle.”

While Mr Dick said a discussion should take place between the Waterfront management and the City about the barricade, the City’s director for safety, Richard Bosman, said a discussion was not necessary because the circle was privately owned and regulation of Waterfront roads is not done in consultation with the City’s Traffic Service. “The City’s Traffic Service is contracted with the V&A Waterfront to provide four contract traffic wardens and one traffic officer to act in an enforcement role only.”