Summer tips for your natural hair

With the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Sunday December 16, the event’s organisers Cape Town Naturally, shared with us some tips for taking care of your hair this summer. Soaring temperatures can dry hair out while chlorine in swimming pools scan strip hair of essential moisture, they warn, so it’s best to be prepared

Co-wash more

It’s quite natural to wash your hair more often at this time of the year to get rid of sweat, but beware of shampooing too much which can end up stripping the hair of its natural oils. Co-washing (washing hair with conditioner) will cleanse and moisturise the hair without drying it out

Deep condition

Summer is not the time to skimp on deep conditioning the hair as the sun’s drying effect can really mean bad news. So, make sure to work in at least one deep conditioning session of about 30 minutes a week.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly deep conditioning solution, simply mix a few table spoons of your regular conditioner with a table spoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey, and apply to freshly washed hair.

Protect hair from salt and chorine

Swimming is a great way of cooling down during the heat but sea salt and chlorine in the swimming pool can cause hair to dry out over time. To protect the hair, soak it with water, then coat it with conditioner and seal it with oil, all before going for a swim.

If the hair is soaked it will limit the amount of chlorine or salt water it absorbs. Also make sure to rinse the hair as soon as possible after the swim so as to prevent a drying effect from the salt or chlorine that did manage to enter the hair shaft.

Mind the sun

The best way to protect hair from the drying effect of the sun while out and about is simply to wrap it up in a beautiful head scarf. They’re easy, very simple to wrap and definitely add that summer “pizzazz” to any look. If you’re not confident in tying them, simply head to YouTube where there are lots of tutorials to help you out. Failing that, opt for a chic hat.

Seal in the moisture

One of the most effective ways of keeping natural hair hydrated in summer is to seal the moisture in. So, once you’ve applied a moisturising leave-in conditioner to clean and freshly washed hair, lock all the moisture in by applying either a curl defining gel or an oil such as coconut, olive or argan oil next. This will ensure longer lasting, moisurised hair.

Ditch the hair dryers and diffusers

The warm temperatures serve the perfect environment in which to put the hair dryers aside and embrace letting your hair dry naturally. Chances are you’ll end up with a lot less frizz as well. Just make sure to keep your hands out of your hair as playing with your strands while it’s drying will definitely lead to frizz.

Wear lots of buns

If your hair is long and you find it that’s it’s too hot to wear it down in the heat, opt to wear it in a bun. You can do a low bun, space buns, top knot bun, a bun with a side path, a bun with a middle part – the options are really endless. Just make sure not to pull your hair too tightly as you don’t want to put any strain on your edges.

Drink more water

Drinking lots of cocktails, cool drinks, coffee and tea? Remember to replenish with lots of water to keep both hair and skin looking great and hydrated.

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