SPCA goes on the hunt for alleged gosling killer

The SPCA is trying to track a driver who allegedly knocked and killed two goslings on the corner of Spin and Adderley streets on Friday November 9.

Belinda Abrahams, the spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, said they are in the process of tracking the owner of the vehicle, whose registration number was provided by witnesses on the scene.

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Jessica Shelver, who works in the CBD and witnessed the incident, said the driver had full view of the goose and goslings crossing the road as people were filming and taking photos of them from when they left the Company’s Garden.

“There were also two men in the car – one in the driver’s seat and one in the passenger seat. “The man in the passenger seat had his window open and must have seen the duck family enter the crossing.

“In my opinion, it was impossible that he would not have seen them as the driver behind him even saw them.”

Ms Shelver said as the goose family crossed the road on Spin Street at the traffic light, everyone around was trying to ensure that the cars didn’t go.

“When the traffic light turned green, the grey Mazda just drove straight over them.”

She said the driver looked out of his window as he heard everyone scream and he simply drove off.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to witness the mother duck, unsure what to do, refusing to leave her crushed babies in the street. Eventually she had to move on. It was a cruel and callous incident.”

She said everyone jumped out of their cars afterwards to try to help.

“There were a number of City workers painting traffic lights so hopefully they will come forward too.”

She said she has been contacted by the SPCA and will be giving them a statement.

The City’s Mayco member for safety and security; and social services, JP Smith, said birds and ducks are a common sight in the city centre and the Company’s Garden.

“Unfortunately the only way to contain the birds would be to cage them and that is not an option, therefore they are vulnerable to the hazards of living in the city.

“We would like to urge visitors in the CBD, and especially motorists, to exercise caution and be aware that the animals may at times wander into the road.”

Ms Abrahams said she was grateful to all the witnesses who came forward and gave statements.

She said they haven’t officially laid a charge, but they have sufficient evidence to do so, and will be opening a case with the police in the very near future.

If found guilty, the suspect could face imprisonment of up to three years if the case is heard in a district court; 15 years if the case is heard in a regional court; a fine of up to 60 000 in a district court, or a R300 000 if the case is heard in a regional court.

Any witnesses to the incident can call the SPCA on 021 700 4158/9 during office hours, or 083 326 1604 after hours.