Scarying up funds for a good cause

Charl du Plessis with his zombie dog, Monty.

The annual Zombie Walk, which took place in the city centre, on Saturday October 29, attracted over 4 000 people this year – the biggest group since they started.

The walk, which is part of the Zombie Festival, sees people dressed up like the walking dead, all gory and gaunt-looking, and then limping and shuffling through Cape Town, starting at the Company’s Garden, and then along the Fan Walk, ending at Madison Avenue for the after-party.

And although it is a scary sight to behold, the festival, celebrated on Halloween, is for a good cause.

The walk supports the Lucky Lucy Foundation, a non-profit organisation which assists neglected street animals. The organiser of the Zombie Festival, Dieter Wambach, said the crowd was far bigger than expected, but the walk went well. “It was probably close to 5 000 people. The biggest group we’ve had since 2010.” He said that while the walk is free, people who join are encouraged to donate to the cause. The chairman of the Lucky Lucy Foundation, Richard Green, said the funds raised at the Zombie Walk are restricted to what volunteers at the event collect on the walk. “The walk is free so no funds are gathered there other than those collected by our tin shakers.” He said the volunteers at the event collected about R1800 on the walk, which will contribute to their vet bill, the balance of which is
R80 000 at present.