Man arrested for snatching tourist’s chain

The chain was snatched from a tourist on the Grand Parade. Picture: City of Cape Town
City law enforcement officers arrested two men for theft in the Grand Parade precinct yesterday.

In the first incident, the officers spotted a man snatching a chain from the neck of a male tourist on the Grand Parade.The officers gave chase. During the chase, the suspect dropped the chain, which the officers retrieved.

The suspect was later arrested in Strand Street.

City of Cape Town law enforcement spokesperson Inspector Wayne Dyason said, “The value of the gold chain is about R10 000 and it was handed back to a delighted tourist who sustained minor abrasions to his neck.”

In the other incident, a man was arrested for allegedly stealing a motorbike parked outside the City Hall.

The owner of the bike said when he went to get his bike, it was gone.

He approached two female officers and informed them of the incident. They recalled seeing a man a few minutes earlier pushing a motorcycle matching the description of the complainant’s bike.

They started searching for the suspect and eventually saw him running across the parade without the bike.

The owner, who had gone off on his own to search for the bike, found it unattended in Caledon Street.

“The officers placed the suspect under arrest and he was charged with the theft of a motorcycle,”said Inspector Dyason.