Ladles of Love launches Nourish Our Children campaign

Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto

City centre NGO Ladles of Love has launched their annual Nourish Our Children campaign, where they will be visiting Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres weekly until the end of March across the Cape peninsula, distributing cuddly Love Bears to little children in need and nutritious food to fill their tummies.

Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto said they believe that if they could provide something that could be cuddled and loved by children under six years old – that can became a comfort in their time of sadness and security in their fear – they could really help.

“When you add a nutrient-rich breakfast and lunch five days a week into the equation, we can make the world of difference to focus and improve their ability to listen and learn at school.”

Child development specialist Kathy Rautenbach said demands on assisted feeding escalated further as more than 1.5 million lost their jobs since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the queues at food kitchens continue to grow.

“On a psychosocial front, the biggest unknown long-term cost has been that impacting children’s mental health. The reported rise in Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD) and various other mental diagnoses among children, shows that the biggest impact fell on the most vulnerable, 6 years and younger.”

Ladles of Love has teamed up with baker companies Blue Ribbon and Anchor Yeast for the campaign.

R150 buys a child a cuddly teddy bear and two meals a day for one month. The goal is to distribute 7500 bears.

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