Drug bust at alleged brothel

After numerous complaints, Papa G’s guest house in Longmarket Street seems to have finally caught the attention of the authorities following an article in the CapeTowner (“Papa G’s spot of bother,” CapeTowner, January 19). Last Thursday as the CapeTowner hit the streets, the Cape Cluster crime prevention unit arrested a woman, 27, at Papa G’s for possession of drugs.

Cape Town Central police station spokesperson, Captain Ezra October, said after receiving information about drug dealing at the premises, they conducted an operation and spotted a woman inside one of the rooms trying to hide drugs under the bed’s mattress.

“The crime prevention unit confiscated one black purse containing 21 packets of tik and a big unit of cocaine and handed in the drugs at Cape Town Central station for safekeeping of exhibits before the court.

“The suspect was detained at Cape Town Central police station and appeared at Cape Town Magistrate’s court on Friday, January 20.”

He said the police have requested the help of the Hawks, Law Enforcement and, the Central City Improvement District to address the concerns about alleged sex worker at Papa G’s.

“The police have invited all parties concerned to find a solution concerning the complaint of the body corporate. The Cape Town Central police liaised with the body corporate through email to set up a meeting and received no reply, but we will continue to engage with the body corporate.”

Papa G’s on the sixth floor used to be home to Paradise Penthouse, an alleged brothel which closed several years ago. The body corporate, however, believe Papa G’s is operating in the same way.

Rene Leudemann, on behalf of the body corporate, said people enter the building at all hours of the night and day, and that women, presumably sex workers, gather outside every night.

Used condoms, syringes and drugs had been found in and around the premises, he said, and people were too afraid to rent out the space because of its reputation.

Mr Leudemann told the CapeTowner the body corporate had proof of illegal activities, such as drug dealing, visitors being robbed and the bar trading without a liquor licence, among others, happening on the sixth floor. Last week ward councillor Dave Bryant met with Mr Leudemann to discuss the matter. Mr Leudemann said Mr Bryant attended the meeting with an assistant and a Metro police officer.
“He told us that he will make contact with police who will deal with the matter, and the Metro police officer said he will support us.”