‘Class clown’ wins comedy competition

The winner of the National Delphic Comedy Championships, Kedibone Mulaudzi, on stage at the Artscape Theatre last week.

Kedibone Mulaudzi, from Limpopo, won the inaugural National Delphic Comedy Championships, held at the Artscape Theatre last week.

Nine comedians, one from each province, took part in the championships that bring a competitive streak to comedy.

The competition was hosted by the National Delphic Council, which organises and promotes the Delphic Games, which involves presentations, exhibitions, competitions and other activities in art.

A panel of judges chose Mulaudzi as the first National Delphic Comedy Champion.

Speaking to the CapeTowner, Mulaudzi said that he had been very nervous before going on stage.

“I was competing with the best comedians across the country. I saw everyone before me, because I went last, and they were good.

“But afterwards, I thought that my material and jokes were quite good, so I went for it, and I won.”

He said he knew he would be in the Top 3, but he didn’t expect to win.

“The other comedians were real competition. I knew I would make it to the top 3, but when they announced my name I was like ‘whoa’.

“I think I am different because I tell a story. I take audiences on a journey, mostly through my life.”

Mulaudzi has had a fruitful career as a local comedian and an MC, having appeared on Comedy Central several times.

He has travelled to many parts of the world as a comedian and has even been on the same line-up as Chris Rock.

Asked about how his career started, Mulaudzi said: “I was the crazy kid at home, and the crazy kid at school.

“I’ve always loved laughing; I was the class clown.

“So when I discovered you can make money out of making someone laugh.

“I thought ‘this is for me’. Comedy is in me, it’s who I am, and I am comedy. You can’t separate the two.”

Of the comedy scene in the city, Mulaudzi said that while the talent and material was there, comedy needed to be promoted more.

“Promoters need to work harder. In Limpopo, where I’m from, comedy is all that comedians do. In the city, in Cape Town, most comedians have a full-time job, because they cannot sustain themselves on comedy alone. There is so much talent here, the work is strong.”

Mulaudzi will now be representing South Africa in the International Delphic Comedy Championships, in Johannesburg on Saturday September 30.

They will feature 15 comedians from Africa and the diaspora, as well as Colombia.

Mulaudzi is more excited than nervous.

“I know that South African comedy is right up there with the rest of the world – with the best. I’m excited to see what the other comedians bring, but I know I will bring that unique African flavour.”

Coming in second place was Khanyisa Bunu, from the Eastern Cape, and Mo Mothebe, from Gauteng, was third.

The National Delphic Comedy Championships celebrate creativity and social expression through comedy and promotes the development of arts and culture in Africa.