Burglar caught red-handed

A businessman made a citizen’s arrest after he caught a burglar in his store on Saturday June 29 in Heerengracht Boulevard.

Cape Town police spokesperson, Captain Ezra October, said the business owner received a call from a family member, who told him that his alarm had been triggered.

“The complainant drove to his business immediately and caught the suspect inside the shop premises. It is alleged the suspect removed the roof tiles to gain access to the shop and was stealing groceries.”

The man was handed over to the Cape Town central police and was charged with burglary.

Police arrested
27 people for being in possession of drugs with an estimated
street value of R5 500 during operations last week.

Twelve people were also arrested for shoplifting last week while three people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in separate incidents over the weekend.

Two people were arrested for assaulting police officers in two separate incidents on Friday June 28.

The first incident occurred on the corner of Long and Bloem streets, where a man was arrested for common assault on a police officer.

In the second incident, a woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer in Hope Street.

Cape Town Central police arrested a man for burglary at the Station Deck on Monday June 24, when a security guard caught the man breaking into a spaza shop.

He was handed over to the police and charged with business burglary.

In a separate incident on the same day, police arrested a man for theft on the Foreshore.

It was alleged that the man pick-pocketed somebody, and with the help of a security guard, at Hertzog Boulevard Foreshore, the man was arrested and handed over to the police.