Photographic exhibition at Amplify Studio

Amplify Studio will have their residency photographic exhibition called My Identity by Wandie Mesatywa and Earl Abrahams on Thursday August 3, from 6pm to 9pm.

The group show will include two projects. Iqhiya is the project of Mesatywa who graduated from the Ruth Prowse School Art in 2016.

She captured the beauty of iqhiya, commonly known as the doek or head wrap. Mesatywa realised she was not just creating an artwork, but making a statement through her artwork – a statement to say she is a proud Xhosa woman, who is lesbian and comfortable in her skin.

She was mentored by Chad Rossouw, an artist, writer and a lecturer.

Abrahams’ project Coloured In is an introspective work that explores the spatial and the racial segregation that was created by the passing of the Group Areas Act under the apartheid regime.

It was in this space where he found his identity and that of his community.

There will also be a group show called My Identity, curated by Elodye Davids and George Reeves, that will open its doors with a talk by Ernestine White, a Cape Town-based South African artist.

Email or call 087 470 0421 for more information.