Marsha releases her first Afrikaans EP

Marsha released her first Afrikaans EP on Friday March 1.

Plainsman reporter and former Beacon Valley resident Marsha has released her first Afrikaans EP called Gereed.

Marsha Bothma, 29, who now lives in Bellville, said she was excited to release her body of work. She worked on five songs for her EP last year in genres including R&B, gospel, alternative rock, reggae, Afro-pop and love songs.

The EP songs are Hy Lig My Op, Lief Vir Jou featuring her husband Adrian Bothma, Gereed, Ek Wil Vir Jou featuring the legendary singer, Anna Davel and Vlam In My Hart featuring rapper and finalist of the ATKV-Crescendo Mentorship Programme in 2023, Jason B.

Marsha was one of three finalists in the ATKV-Crescendo Mentorship Programme in 2022. This programme has been part of her success in achieving this EP, she said.

Hy Lig My Op was her lead single off the EP she released on Friday February 23. “This song speaks about worthiness and allowing God to lift you up through his healing,” she said.

This song is part two of her first single Stronger, which spoke about being a survivor of gender-based violence.

“I wrote this song last year when I experienced writer’s block. My husband took me on a writer’s retreat and this song was written there. I heard all the different instruments in my head and could translate this to the band when we put everything together,” she said.

“Healing is not a destination but it is a journey. This song helped me dance again, and reminded me that things will get better,” she said.

The theme of her EP, Gereed, meaning ready in Afrikaans, is also about being ready for the new season she is stepping into. Coupled with the release of her EP, Marsha and her husband are expecting their first baby. Her song Gereed also touches on how she is preparing for her new journey into motherhood.

“This is a very weird time we are in, experiencing new things together. My husband lost his father two weeks ago and he was a big supporter of our music. We cherish the time we could share that with him,” she said.

Marsha will release her music video for Hy Lig My Op in the coming months and has already started filming it.

The band, musical director and pianist, William Jacobs, guitarist, Eddy Strings, drummer, Anthon Mannel and bassist, Donovan Dyers helped put the music together. Owner of Sunset Recording Studios, Jürgen von Wechmar mastered her EP and owner of Helmut Meijer Music by Helmut Meijer, mixed her EP as well as mastered the song Ek Wil Vir Jou.

“This musical journey is an amazing ride. I am grateful to God for these opportunities, to share my music with the world and see how it has already impacted some. Thank you to each and everyone who continues to support my musical journey,” she said.

Her latest EP and music are available on all digital platforms or follow Marsha’s social media pages for more information.