Acclaimed choreographer dances her way up Long St

Choreographer Jackie Manyaapelo starting her performance outside the Palm Tree Mosque.
Workers and tourists were treated to a 15-minute free performance by acclaimed dancer and choreographer Jackie Manyaapelo on Long Street on Thursday August 30.

Ms Manyaapelo, dressed in all black, danced her way from the Palm Tree Mosque to Marvel Bar at lunch time.

The performance was meant to promote the international ICA Live Art Festival which runs from Saturday September 1 to September 16.

Ms Manyaapelo said: “Today’s segment was working with ritual and religion. That’s the point of moving from the mosque to another place of ‘worship’as in a dance place like Marvel. I tend to find similarities in terms of DJs who put up a podium and you have the ‘congregation’ underneath sort of praising him. That’s basically the idea that I was working with.”

Ms Manyaapelo said she chose Long Street because she could reach everyone, young and old, locals and tourists.

“We are also trying to get people to come and watch us perform. Audience development. A lot of people don’t really know that theatre can be seen on the streets. (They think) it’s based in theatres. We need to create that flow, you know? In and out.”

Ms Manyaapelo will be performing on Thursday September 13 at the Hiddingh Campus.

Ali Bongo, who stays at Brooklyn, watched the performance from his place of work, The Beer House.

“I saw her performance. I liked the overflowing dress and she’s a good dancer.”

Ronnell Fischer, who stays in Delft, watched from the door of the Long Street Hotel where she works.

“Her performance was amazing. I’d definitely go and watch her,” she said.

Robert Mavhuwa from Milnerton, who was sitting in his cab outside Marvel, enjoyed the performance.

“She’s really flexible. I enjoyed her weaving in between traffic.”