St George’s Cathedral partners with hospital trust to celebrate Arch’s birthday

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu turns 90 in October.

The dean of St Georges’s Cathedral Michael Weeder has partnered with The Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust’s (THCT) Tutu Tygers to host activities in celebration of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu ’s 90th birthday on Thursday October 7.

Father Weeder will act as a mentor to the Tutu Tygers, a fundraising initiative of the THCT, named for the Trust’s long standing patrons, Desmond and Leah Tutu, who, in 2001, supported the creation of the Trust and who continue to back its mission to provide care to Tygerberg’s paediatric patients.

CEO of The Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust, Jason Falken, said the activities, which will take place on the Arch’s Birthday, will honour the Tutus’ two decades of “tireless philanthropic work in support of the hospital’s paediatric patients”.

Activities would include the presentation of birthday messages and gifts to the Archbishop Emeritus and Leah Tutu by the beneficiaries of their patronage work, the singing of many “Happy birthdays”, and the naming of four new Tutu Tygers.

A special gift box will also be delivered to the Tutu residence.

“More than 25 years after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the struggle against apartheid, we feel highly privileged to be celebrating Archbishop Tutu’s 90th birthday. We want to honour his service to our nation and, through us, to the children of our nation, like never before,” said Mr Falken.

The Dean of St George’s Cathedral, Father Michael Weeder.

Father Weeder said the cathedral’s relationship with the Tutu Tygers and The Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust personifies the ideals of the Archbishop Emeritus’ caring nature.

“Children inadvertently create a certain lovely chaos in our lives. Having children associated with the cathedral in an intentional way; with their laughter, presence and resonance, is a perfect match.

“Archbishop Desmond loves children. Bringing together young people and supporting them by means of our relationship with the Tutu Tygers is an appropriate legacy in terms of the work and spirit of Archbishop Desmond and Mama Leah Tutu.”

In addition to the partnership with Father Michael Weeder, the Tutu Tygers are also collaborating with Patta, a global streetwear and sneaker boutique based in Amsterdam. Patta will be in Cape Town on the day to reveal a commemorative T-shirt, with 100%of proceeds going to the THCT.

THCT will also be hosting an event St George’s Cathedral and pop-up events in Cape Town.

For more information about the events, follow Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust on Facebook.