Santa’s drivers deliver food parcels for the needy

Thirty Pick n Pay asap! drivers dressed as Santa delivered food parcels to Ladles of Love in Roeland Street.

Ladles of Love received a special delivery of groceries yesterday, December 9.

Ninety bags of food including pasta, various canned food, oil, sugar, salt, oats, lentils, rice and maize meal were picked up from the Pick n Pay Waterfront store by 30 asap! drivers dressed in Santa suits and delivered to the non-profit in Roeland Street.

The food parcels will help provide at least 30 families of four with a healthy meal twice a day for a week and will be distributed by Ladles of Love to beneficiaries in the coming days leading up to Christmas.

Ladles of Love volunteers greet the flash mob of Santa PnP asap! drivers.

The managing director and founder of Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto, says that it is many acts of kindness – such as this one – that create one huge impact of love.

“Millions of adults and children in our country are stuck in a spiral of poverty they don’t seem able to escape no matter how hard they try. We need to be there for them for as long as we can. It is the many acts of kindness like this that help us keep a humanitarian crisis at bay.

“The Santa delivery drivers initiative was a fun surprise for our group of volunteers who are working hard to make sure as many families as possible have meals this festive season,” said Mr Diliberto.