It’s satin and sequins as minstrel street parade is back

Troupe owners, the Hollywoodbets team and the minstrels who’ll be performing this festive season.

After a two-year hiatus, the Kaapse Klopse are back but this time with the support of a title sponsor.

Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association announced its partnership and sponsorship with Hollywoodbets at the City Hall on Tuesday December 6.

The three-year deal will see the company as the new title sponsor of Africa’s largest cultural festival, the Cape Town Street Parade.

Left Devin Heffer, Hollywoodbets brand and communications manager and Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association director, Muneeb Gambeno

The launch was hosted by ex-South African cricketer Vernon Philander who was quite excited to be part of the festivities. Troupe owners were also among the attendees to welcome the announcement.

Entertainment showcased the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association community and youth development project, the Western Cape Street Bands (WCSB), a music-focused non-profit organisation where many musicians have made professional careers. The quartet of Carlton Adams (a product of WCSB), Kurt Bowers, Blake Hellaby and Joshua Nemaire performed along with junior soloist, Taylor Ohlsson, and the Klopse Jol Ghoema Band, made up of members of various Cape Town minstrel troupes.

The Carlton Adams Quartet, from left Blake Hellaby, Joshua Nemaire, Carlton Adams and Kurt Bowers.

Devin Heffer, Hollywoodbets brand and communications manager, said, “We are excited to be coming on board with the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association which plays a significant role in preserving the Western Cape culture for many. As a company who is passionate about communities, our involvement in these events is something that aligns with our values and affirms our support for the arts and culture industry.”

Mr Heffer added: “We’re also going to be sponsoring five stadium events over the months of January and February… for those who don’t really want to wait until Nuwe Jaar we’ve got a taste of what’s to come with the ‘Hollywood Bets Voorsmaakie’.”

This year the Hollywoodbets Cape Town street parade “voorsmaakie” will take place at Kenilworth racecourse on Saturday December 17.

The KKKA, who has been the organisers of the new format Cape Town Street Parade since its launch in October 2017, has welcomed the new sponsor and name.

The KKKA’s director, Muneeb Gambeno, said that a title sponsor for the Cape Town Street Parade is hugely positive at a time when communities are looking forward to performing, after missing out for the past two years. “We are excited to celebrate the beautiful tradition of klopse again, and to have the backing of Hollywoodbets is a huge boost to our efforts to host a successful and inclusive carnival that can grow into a jewel event on the South African, and world calendar.”

It’s understood that about 20 troupes will be taking to the streets this year after a long wait.

Mr Gambeno added: “People are excited and anxious because they weren’t sure if this was going ahead.“

Troupe owners and KKKA board members ready for the festive season and competition.

The Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade expects to draw crowds of between 60 000 and 100 000 people, with roughly 20 000 minstrels participating.

Troupes are in the process of getting their bands ready, many of whom practice more than once a week as well as getting their costumes ready which can sometimes be top secret in the fraternity. After the two-year wait satin and sequins will be seen all over the streets of Cape Town.

All troupes are required to register with the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade by Thursday December 15 and can contact Riyaad Peters on 082 807 8099.

On Monday January 2, known as “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” in the Mother City, the entertainment starts with an opening ceremony, from 1.30pm on the Grand Parade, and celebrations continue until 10pm.

The choral competitions will again be presented at Athlone Stadium under the same banner of the Hollywoodbets Cape Town Street Parade, in January and early February.