Wind won’t dampen Klopse spirit

Meshack Simons spent the night on Adderley Street ahead of the Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade.
Scores of people braced the wind to secure their spots ahead of the Tweede Newe Jaar celebrations in the city centre.

Families spent the night on the streets ahead of the colourful annual parade which dates back to the seventeenth century.

It is very windy this morning, but families are determined to enjoy the parade. 

Ivan Edwards from Manenberg spent the night on Adderley Street with his family.

“My gazebo is broken. I must repair it before the parade. But I’m still looking forward to the parade. We look forward to this day every year. We had to sleep here to secure a place so that we can have a good view of the troops when they move past here.”

Yvonne Solomons, also from Manenberg says she could not sleep due to the wind.

“Last night was very windy. Most of the gazebos were flying all over the place. Some were broken as you can see it’s still windy. But we will enjoy the day as the teams come down. I come here every year with my family.”

Rashida Abrahams, from Portland in Mitchell’s Plain, also expressed concern over the wind.

“I enjoyed last night, but the wind was bad. We haven’t had this weather in a number of years. However, we are happy to be here. I am looking forward to the troops and the starting of the New Year.”

However, not everyone is worried about the wind. 

Meshack Simons, also from Portland, Mitchell’s Plain, says he never misses the carnival.

“I’m here for the carnival. Every year, I come for the troops. I’m not really worried about the weather. We are here to just enjoy ourselves and keep the tradition going.”

Nine-year-old Zackie Abdullah from Manenberg could not hide his excitement.

“I came with my mother. I slept here for the minstrels. Last night was very nice. We slept on the street.”

Razia Samuels, from Mitchell’s Plain, says she attends the event every year.

“Every year I look forward to the minstrels. It’s always something new and that’s exciting. I enjoy it.”