Week three

Assume the push-up position with legs apart. Tuck the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa. Add a running motion to it and feel the core engaging in the movement. Repeat the exercise for 15 reps.

Motivation is the feeling that drives us to make the change we need and want to make, says personal trainer Romeo Brand.
We are now in week three of our fitness programme, which means you should already be feeling stronger than you were two weeks ago if you have been following the work outs.

The number of exercise reps have increased and they have become more challenging.
Having motivation plays a big role in your fitness journey and we will provide you with the tools this week.

“Many factors can drive us to want to or need to make the changes we need to make. Its an internal flame that causes us to act.

“Finding the motivation to do something is not difficult, it is maintaining the momentum, however, that poses a challenge,” said Romeo.

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