Waterfront pilots new online shopping service

The click-and-collect kiosk itself outside entrance 1 at the V&A Waterfront
The V&A Waterfront is partnering with click-and-collect service providers, to offer an alternative for shoppers who want to avoid possible exposure to Covid-19 by queuing in shops, but who still want to collect their own goods.
The service will be piloted until December this year. 
The new click-and-collect drive-through service will allow customers to place online orders with multiple V&A Waterfront stores, and then to collect their parcels themselves. The drive-through facility will be positioned at the entrance one of the Victoria Wharf shopping centre nearest to The Table Bay Hotel. The kiosk itself will be situated outside, in front of Tasha’s restaurant.
The service allows customers to place orders online with participating retail stores. They will then receive a notification when the parcel is ready for collection. Customers simply drive up to the brightly-coloured kiosk, collect their parcel, and drive away.
The entire process can be completed without customers leaving their cars.
V&A Waterfront retail sales executive Alex Kabalin said: “We envisage that this click-and-collect service will be popular with many shoppers as it gives them more control and choice over the delivery end of the process. This is especially useful for anyone who has returned to working in an office. They do not have to rush home for the delivery service or wait at the office, but can collect their shopping at a time that suits them. They can pre-order online during the day and then simply drive through to collect their conveniently packaged goods on their way home. The system will also be useful for busy parents who don’t want to spend hours in stores with children.
 “At a time in the future, when we hope that the coronavirus will be less prominent, we foresee the click-and-collect option will be equally popular with people who enjoy browsing through stores, but do not want to be laden down with dozens of shopping bags. With the new system they can visit physical stores to consider all the store offerings and select the goods they want online, at their own leisure. When their parcels have been packaged they can collect them at their convenience and drive off.”