Vuyo shares her pain and inspiration

Vuyo Joboda launched her book called 21.

A student who launched a book about her life at Central library last month says she is inspired by the beauty of life.

Vuyo Joboda, a third-year University of Cape Town student, wrote her book titled 21 after being a motivational speaker on several stages, including TedX Cape Town.

The launch was attended by Ms Joboda’s former school principal at Hottentots Holland High School, Dr Geoff van der Voort.

She was also supported by SABC 1’S Mzantsi Insider’s presenter, Kgaugelo Mokholwane, who is a friend she met on campus at UCT.

“In the past 21 years I have gone through some experiences, some too much for my age and those have taught me lessons that I will forever cherish. I decided to share those in this book,” she said.

“I am not only sharing my heart but I am also sharing my pain, rejection, purpose and some diary moments that I have never shared with anyone”.

Vuyo was born and raised in Cape Town.

She is the eldest of three children and describes herself as being a self-motivated child.

“I’m inspired by the beauty of life. I’m inspired by my vision of a better world. I am inspired by love.”

She said while she was bullied and rejected in high school, the experience made her the strong young woman that she is today.

“At school I was bullied and called weird because I wanted to change the world. Instead of engaging in conversations about boys I would rather talk about how we could change the world to bew a better place. I then started spending time with myself. I started enjoying my own company and I worked on my self-confidence and focused on my dreams and what I wanted to do.”

The author motivated other young people to never give up on their dreams.

“To any young person, the time for achieving anything and everything is now. Let’s go and achieve and strive, most importantly let’s soar high. Your purpose is waiting for you to live it,” she said.

Ms Joboda hosts the show Lifestyle with Vuyo Joboda on UCT radio.

She said the book launch is only the beginning, the world is yet to see more of her.

“To young writers, never stop writing, just continue. I never planned to write a book but I had been writing for a while and I had a collection of written thoughts and ideas.”

The book is available on