Two arrested for impersonating police officers

Cape Town Central police arrested two men for impersonating police officers, on Monday January 28, on the corner of Loop and Prestwich streets.

Sergeant Shane Thomas and Constable Virgil Ambrose responded to an alert from the City Central Improvement District guards about an alleged argument at a club.

Cape Town police spokesperson Captain Ezra October said it was alleged that the two men, aged 45 and 46, had an argument with a club manager and threatened him with a firearm.

He said the suspects were stopped by the police while trying to get into a white VW Golf, which was the suspected get away vehicle.

The men were searched and officers found an illegal parabellum firearm with 8 9mm live rounds of ammunition in the possession of one of the men.

They also confiscated police uniforms which the men were wearing, and two police name tags.

One of the men wore a name tag with the surname Jacobs on it, and the other wore a female field dress shirt.

The men were charged with illegal possession of police uniforms and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

They were detained at Cape Town Central police station.

Police arrested 13 people all over the city centre from Friday January 25 and Sunday January 27, for possession of drugs such as mandrax, heroin, unga, tik, dagga, mandrax powder, mandrax pills, ecstasy tablets and cocaine.

They also arrested two people for shoplifting and six people for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The previous weekend, police also arrested 19 people for possession of drugs in Wale, Adderley, Strand and Grey streets, Old Marine Drive and Cape Town Railway.

Police arrested a man for malicious damage to property on Sunday January 20, after the building security called police to report that someone had smashed their shop window on the corner of Adderley and Longmarket streets.