Traffic nightmare

Johanna Mc Lachlan, Sea Point

The CDB is a mess but at least you can take alternative roads to reach your destination. Not in Sea Point. There are three roads, High Level, Main Road and Beach Road. At the moment there are two blocks of flats with about 110 flats altogether going up in Main Road.

There are a few others being broken down and who knows how many flats that will be.

New businesses are opening shortly in Main Road.

There are also flats being built on High Level Road.

The road running from High Level Road towards the Checkers building is the worst.

Taxis park on the thick red line waiting for passengers so no bus can turn into Main Road or cars can pass the taxis.

It is a nightmare to cross the road at the traffic light.

A “no stopping sign” in flashing lights should be put up there and a cop on permanent duty.

It is so ridiculous to see the cops ticketing cars for expired licences when the taxis have fun.

The buses fight their way to go down pass the Spar parking entrance to go to the terminus in Beach Road.

Why can’t the buses go into Kloof Road from High Level and then from there go straight down to Beach Road?