Three arrested for robbery

After a high-speed chase, police arrested three men in Goodwood for an armed robbery at a real estate firm in the CBD.

Cape Town Central police spokesman Ezra October said the Kloof Street agency was robbed on Thursday at 2pm.

“Upon their arrival at the crime scene, the police were informed by staff that three unknown well-dressed men entered the premises, held them at gunpoint and robbed the business of 13 laptops, seven cellphones of staff and three wallets as well as a Fossil watch.”

Initially two men had appeared at the gate indicating that they wanted to buy property. As they had entered, a third man had appeared and one of the men had produced a gun.

“Two of the suspects started to unplug laptops while staff members were busy in their office rooms. Afterwards, the robbers jumped into the getaway vehicle, a white Toyota Avanza, parked outside the business premises and sped off into an unknown direction.”

Later police had spotted the Avanza in the CBD and a chase had ensued along the N1 to Goodwood shopping mall. Officers arrested the driver and two other men, aged between 27 and 38, in the mall parking lot. They also seized a .38 Special revolver with 9mm rounds and three laptops.

A fourth man, with the tog bag containing the cellphones and the watch, ran into the mall and disappeared.