Teen stabbed at the Waterfront

A screenshot of the video circulated on social media of a brawl at the V&A Waterfront during which a boy was stabbed.

A teenager was stabbed in a brawl at the V&A Waterfront over the weekend.

The incident, which involved a large group of youngsters, broke out in front of Victoria Wharf on Saturday February 13, left a teen with a stab wound to his back.

Waterfront spokesman, Donald Kau, said they had since increased security on the weekends.

Two videos, which circulated on social media, showed a scattering crowd of teenagers while two boys could be seen with knives.

In one of the videos, a boy can be seen narrowly escaping the knife-wielding attacker after he falls over a bench.

Mr Kau said they didn’t know the cause of the fight, were reviewing the video footage of the incident, and would interview their security personnel to get further detail from their own report.

“Our security personnel did come onto the scene to disperse the group and ER24 were called to attend to the stabbing victim, who was then released to his family, who came to fetch him. No other casualties are reported.”

He said neither the victim, nor relatives had laid a charge with the police which would allow the Waterfront to assist in identifying and apprehending the person or people involved.

He encouraged the victim to lay a charge.

“This is an isolated incident and we’ve immediately increased personnel on the weekend to monitor the situation.”