Sterling conduct

Marc Truss, chairman of the Cape Town Central Community Police Forum

In response to “Reddy takes the reigns” (Capetowner, January 25) for us as the CPF, it is great news that we finally now have a permanent branch commander in the form of Colonel Reddy, a member of the SAPS with 34 years of experience, who has served in problematic areas and has an exceptional arrest and conviction rate.

Just some background to the detective branch at Cape Town Central, no department or division can work efficiently and effectively while having a temporary head in place.

This position has stood vacant for over 12 months (may be longer) and on hearing the news of a permanent placement, then having the opportunity to finally meet with Colonel Reddy, all our doubts and concerns have disappeared.

We fully support Colonel Reddy as the new branch commander and as he settles down in his new position.

It will take some time to yield the results that we so need such as convictions, however, we believe that the staff are already inspired to take up the challenge and catch, process and convict these individuals who transgress the law when they so please. Those days are coming to an end, for there is a “new” sheriff in town.

We as the CPF were introduced to Colonel Reddy at our first CPF meeting last week and we have started to work with him and his team of experienced detectives. Our crime statistics may reflect that as per the list of incidents, in particular theft out of vehicles and robbery common are deemed to be fairly high, this will decrease with the new management and commitment from Colonel Reddy and his team.

This should filter through to the men and women in uniform patrol the streets and with having an efficient detective branch, they too will become motivated to catch the criminals.

If anyone is a victim of crime, please report it immediately to your nearest police station, we need to have a description of the perpetrator, the method of approach or confrontation and anything else that may help in leading to an arrest and finally a conviction.

All police stations have access to trauma counsellors and if this is required, they can arrange it, almost immediately.

We do understand that at times it may take some time at your local police station to lodge a complaint or open a case, we are trying as the Cape Town Central CPF to streamline the processes involved in order to turn your unfortunate experience around.