Spreading warmth on City streets

Pictured are Muslim Hands SA staff handing over warm blankets to the homeless. Each person received a loaf of bread as part of the organisations Night on the Streets programme.

An Athlone-based organisation recently donated warm blankets and clothing to those living on the streets of Cape Town’s CBD to help them cope with the harsh winter weather.

On Tuesday August 7, Muslim Hands South Africa, a non-profit organisation which provides humanitarian relief to destitute families across the globe, provided about 200 homeless people with warm blankets, clothing, soup bread, and sweets at the Grand Parade in Cape Town and Bo-Kaap.

The items were bought from various donations from families across the globe, including that of a family from Panorama.

One of the volunteers representing the family said because he goes home to a warm house with warm food every night, he felt he had an obligation to help the homeless, especially during the cold winter season.

“Make the effort and make the intention to donate to a worthy cause. It’s a very personal thing, whether you donate yourself or through an organisation. It doesn’t matter who you choose to donate through as long as you do,” he said.

The donation forms part of the organisation’s Night on the Streets programme, which was established three years ago and through which they hand out various items to different communities during winter.

Fundraising manager of Muslim Hands SA, Imraan Roomaney, said the blankets were collected through the “One family one blanket” campaign.

“These people are homeless, unemployed, and do not have a roof over their heads. We feel that we should get involved with making their lives better personally. There are many different reasons why they have ended up here, we don’t just give it out to them we also give them a bit of words of hope and encouragement,” he said.

The winter programme also includes donations of blankets, raincoats, jackets, socks, and other items to schools and senior homes.

“We encourage people to get involved with our projects, there are so many projects they can get involved with. Come to our offices and we can take you through the various work that we do. People are often looking for an outlet to do their humanitarian work. I just want to thank out donors and sponsors around the world as well,” he said.

To get involved with Muslim Hands South Africa call 021 633 6413 or visit muslimhands.org.za