Robbers nabbed in CBD

The Cape Town Central police caught two suspected robbers in their tracks last week and returned the items found in their possession, to the owners.

On Thursday March 1 at the corner of Hospital and Alfred streets, police, with the assistance of private security, arrested a man for robbery.

The complainant had been walking with her boyfriend when a man grabbed her from behind and snatched her iPhone and ran in the direction of Hospital Street. The private security guards caught the suspect and handed him over to Cape Town Central Police, the suspect was detained and charged with robbery, and the property was returned to the complainant.

The previous day, Wednesday February 28, they arrested another man for robbery. The complainant had been sleeping in Government Lane in the early hours of the morning when three unknown men woke him and one of them threatened him with a bottle neck held against his neck, said police spokesman Captain Ezra October.

“The suspects then took his backpack and ran away. The complainant gave chase and then flagged down a police vehicle. One of the suspected men hid himself next to the fence at parliament pretending to be asleep.” He said the police searched him and found in his possession the complainant’s backpack, which was handed back. The man was then arrested and charged with robbery.

On Wednesday February 28, a 17-year-old boy was arrested for theft out of motor vehicle in Long Street.

Later that week, in Riebeeck and St George’s streets, police arrested a 25-year-old man for theft out of motor vehicle.

The man was apprehended by Law Enforcement Officer during their crime prevention duties in St George’s Mall.

Captain October said the man was caught with a beige handbag containing house keys and bottled water. The suspect handed over to the police.

“It was discovered that the suspect had broken into a car and removed the goods. He was detained at Cape Town Central Police and was charged for theft out of motor vehicle.”

On Sunday February 25, police arrested a 22-year-old man for pick pocketing.

While doing crime prevention foot patrols, an officer saw the man robbing the victim and arrested him. The suspect was taken into custody and was charged with theft. On the same night, police, with the help of the CCID security working in Long Street, arrested another man for being in possession of a stolen phone.

On Saturday February 24, the Cape Town Central police arrested 46 people for various drug-related charges.

Captain October said the crime prevention unit arrested the suspects for possession of various drugs ranging from dagga, cocaine, mandrax pills, unga and mandrax powder. All suspects were detained until their court appearances.

On Thursday February 22, members of the Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood watch assisted in the arrest of two suspected thieves after they robbed a woman of her bag in Kloof Nek Road while she was unpacking her car boot.

Captain October said the woman noticed the two men running away with her bag, which contained her cellphone. She screamed for help and the community WhatsApp group shared the information, which helped police identify the suspects, based on a description of their clothing. They were arrested and taken to Cape Town Central Police station.

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