Remembering Philip Kgosana

■ Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) Struggle stalwart Philip Kgosana, who passed away last Wednesday, April 19, was just 20 years old when he led 30 000 people in a protest march against apartheid’s pass laws on March 31, 1960. The march brought residents from Langa to the infamous Caledon Square police station, which is now called Cape Town Central police station. Mr Kgosana was told that he would get a meeting with the justice minister if he ordered the crowd to go home but when he returned the next day he was arrested. An impression of a jubilant, defiant Mr Kgosana during the march can be spotted in a large wall fresco by artist Peggy Delport at the District Six Museum, situated right across the road from the same police station he had brought protesters to. The CapeTowner photographed Mr Kgosana in 2006 when he came to see the representation of himself at the museum (“PAC march leader honoured – 46 years on”, CapeTowner March 6 2006). You can see the depiction more clearly in the second picture which was how Mr Kgosana was caught in news photographs of the time. Mr Kgosana passed away in Pretoria from colon cancer. He was 80 years old. The City of Cape Town said last week it is currently processing a proposal to rename De Waal Drive after Mr Kgosana.