Raihana on a mission to turn ‘mors’ into money

Raihana Govender with her staff.

Raihana Govender is on a mission to save the environment by turning non-toxic waste into useful products.

She owns MORS Design, which has a workshop in the city centre, and makes bags and personalised pieces from up-cycled tyre tubes.

She started the business in 2015 after she quit her job of seven years as a business consultant and has been showcasing her work at fashion shows ever since. “Recycling is something that is second nature to me and it has been like that since I was a little girl,” said Raihana.

“There is an unlimited supply of tyre tubes which is quite a detriment to the environment,” she said.

She said she crossed paths with her former business partner who is a designer and who later left her to run the company.

Her focus thereafter was to turn the company around in trying to make products that cater for everyone, whether young or old, glamorous or minimalist, vegan or just looking for an alternative to leather.

She incorporates materials such as African wax print fabric and suede to add more colour and personality into the works.

She works very closely with women in Delft and a number of refugees to make their products.

One of her employees now has a business of his own and makes bags from the skills learned at MORS. “It is wonderful to see that MORS has such a beautiful ripple effect,” said Raihana.

She said she studied psychology, public relations and marketing but never quite found her place until she joined MORS Design.

Not giving back or helping those in need gave her sleepless nights and she aims to help many more people though making more bags with their help.

She said if you are aspiring to be a business owner one day, you need to have faith and a good support structure.

“And network at all times because it is what gets your brand out there. And don’t give up.”