Police services

Brigadier Hansia Hansraj, station commander, Cape Town Central SAPS

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we ask that residents refrain from coming to the Cape Town Central police station for certification of documents, affidavits, police clearance or firearm renewals.

This request will be up until the end of the Covid-19 lockdown period, which is set to end at midnight on Thursday April 16.

We will still be providing necessary services such as attending to crime-related complaints, emergencies, and visible patrols will be increased. We request that residents not call for the vehicle for non-essential reasons, such as certifications done at home or for unnecessary reasons.

SAPS will respond to calls for emergency and crime-related matters. Residents are welcome to come to the police station, only when it is absolutely necessary to report crime or for an emergency.

Our health and safety is of utmost importance hence the extra precautions taken to preserve the health of our essential service staff.

We encourage residents to call SAPS call centre at 10111 or 021 467 8000, 021467 8077, 021 467 8006/07, or the crime office at 021467 8159 with your emergency or complaint.

Please ask for a reference number. Provide details of the emergency, such as address, vehicle registration numbers.

We are calling on the Cape Town central business and residential community to adhere to the call made by the president, to remain home after getting basic necessities.

We request parents sensitise their kids to remain indoors for the period of the lockdown.

There will be an increase of various Law Enforcement Agencies, throughout the Cape Town police precinct.

We will be communicating all other developments regarding policing, via social media platforms.