Open air fitness party

Naijarobics brand manager Adoko Sobukwe-Whyt, dancer Shami Kinnear and founder Patrick Ekenututu will host South Africa's first fitness party.

Cape Town’s first ever fitness party will take place on the roof top of the Grand Central building amid the city centre’s hustle and bustle on Saturday December 3.

The party, called FitMixRevolution, and hosted by Naijarobics Fitness Club, is an open air fitness party which is touring Cape Town, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Nigeria.

The party’s aim is to combine up tempo Afro-beats and exciting elements of aerobics, dance, stepping and more to create a dance experience while keeping fit.

The fitness party is the brainchild of Naijarobics’ founder Patrick Ekenututu, who said the idea was born when he saw a need for healthy living. He said the party was a way to show people that fitness does not have to be tedious.

Naijarobics marketing manager Adoko Sibukwe Whyte said FitMix Revolution is a unique party in the sense that it is paced in a way that everyone can enjoy exercise. He said at the party, there will be a DJ as well as a nutritionist giving advice on healthy eating.

Radio personality Tyrone Paulsen will be the event’s official DJ and MC, and Shami Kinnear a Red Bull Hip Hop dancer and instructor who appeared in Honey 3, which was shot in South Africa, will host a one-hour dance class.

A team of specialised trainers and nutritionalists will be hosting a 25-minute panel discussion on supplements, work-out routines, benefits of one-on-one training and healthy lifestyle choices.

Tickets can be bought at Quicket at R100 a person for a full morning. For more information, visit