Olwethu, the dictator of taste

Olwethu Klaas blog is Klaas in Session.

The term “content creator” wasn’t one that existed a few years ago but it is the likes of bloggers such as Olwethu Klaas that has breathed life into it.

“People were doing the job, but they did it without a title for as long as the media has been around,” said Ms Klaas, whose blog, Klaas in Session, is currently focused on travelling alone in the series “Solo Winter”.

“There are always specials for groups and pairs but rarely or none for solo travellers. I am trying to figure out where we fall in.”

Olwethu is a writer, blogger, photographer, digital media manager and presenter.

She does not have any one topic she most enjoys working on. 

“Everything that I blog about is sporadically based on my interest at that time.”

She said during her travels she could be fascinated by the fashion, the food, the culture and the lifestyle of a country.

Olwethu said she has always been a good writer.

She is a sociology postgraduate from the University of the Western Cape where she earned a BA Honour’s degree.

She also majored in English literature and linguistics, which followed her love for playing with words and incorporating slang into her dialect.

One of her favourite phrases is “doing the things that need to be done”.

“I’ve always been fostering a love of English and language, so I’ve known since I was a kid I knew that language was my steez (style with ease).”

Pop culture played a big role in her upbringing as she did not have any siblings to play with and spent lots of time reading magazines. Her love for language, fashion and all things pop culture grew over time.

One of the highlights of her career was being headhunted by presenter, businessman and media personality Janez Vermieren for his company, Cheeky Media.

“I was responsible for developing, managing and maintaining the primary websites of Cheeky Media’s show The Man Cave.”

Despite this, Olwethu said it is difficult to get recognition in Cape Town.

“One has to know somebody to know someone else to get acknowledged and I am not about that.”

She jokes that she has not won any awards for her “content curation”, “However, I have a few for world’s greatest daughter.”

She said the best thing about working in Cape Town was being able to use its beauty.

“You can create content even when you’re broke because every place is pretty, even the dirtiest of streets are aesthetically pleasing.”