No right-turn at Adderley Street intersection

Confused about whether you can turn right into Darling Street from Adderley Street? The City has clarified that if you do, it will be a traffic violation and if caught, you will be penalised.

The Mayco member for transport, Brett Herron said that the “no-right turn” sign was erected because the flow of traffic along Adderley Street towards the harbour was hampered by right-turning traffic waiting for a gap in the opposing traffic stream.

“The lack of space for a dedicated right turn lane furthermore precluded the effective use of a dedicated right-turn arrow phase at this intersection.”

He said it was preferable that motorists turn right from Adderley into Strand Street, where there was more space to implement a right turn lane with right-turn signal head, providing a safer and more efficient turning opportunity for motorists.

He said the Strand Street intersection is located approximately 200m downstream along Adderley Street and turning opportunities exist along Strand Street to return back to Darling Street if so desired.

The City of Cape Town’s traffic services spokesman Richard Coleman, said motorists who ignore the traffic sign on the corner of Darling and Adderley streets face a fine of R1 000, and motorists with special permits will have to fork out
R1 500 if they are caught.