New mural unveiled

The Boxwood Property Fund enlisted three artists from the Ukraine and South Africa to paint a mural on Strand Street. The 10-story mural depicts a lighthouse to symbolise Cape Towns maritime history.

The Boxwood Property Fund unveiled a 10-storey mural on Monday July 1 to begin the redevelopment of a block in Strand Street.

Rob Kane, CEO of Boxwood Property, said the mural was inspired by European cities with vibrant street art.

“We went to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin to look at what’s going on there and what’s interesting people. What are the areas in those cities that are declining? And one thing that’s really big is the streetscape.”

The mural was completed by Ukranian street artist Aleksandr Nikitiuk, Ukranian and South African artist Tatiana Hurn, and South African artist Stephen Ajobiah.

Ms Hurn said the mural, which was completed in eight days, represented the unity of humans, nature and culture. The lighthouse symbolises Cape Town’s maritime history and flowers adorning the lighthouse are a nod to Ukranian art.

Mr Kane said a more inviting streetscape with compelling murals will make new businesses pay more attention to redeveloped areas.

“We’re interested in the type of tenants that we are going to attract. The people that we’re really looking for are not the older, more staid businesses like Anglo American but it’s more the start-ups and young people. We need to create an interest in the streets.”

Boxwood Property plans to consolidate three buildings on the block, which fronts Bree, Loop, Castle and Strand streets, into one. The consolidation will include building on additional levels and incorporating on-site parking while creating an interesting streetscape with exciting architecture.

“We will do a lot more in the next few months and probably years to come. There will be lots of stuff popping up around the city.”

Kuzmych Taras, the Ukranian Ambassador to South Africa, said the mural will bring global awareness to both South Africa and the Ukraine.

“If the tourists are passing every day and take a picture, now this lighthouse will spread around the world.”