Lockdown feeding scheme

A group of volunteers from Woodstock have been feeding about 700 homeless people daily on the streets in Woodstock, Salt River, and parts of the city centre, as well as the vulnerable during lockdown, which has now been extended until the end of April.

The Woodstock/Salt River Community Upliftment Project started in community activist Eddie Thompson’s kitchen in Albert Road, Woodstock, when the national lockdown was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last month.

At the time, the project was sponsored by the volunteers themselves, but thanks to the community’s support, the group now work from a kitchen sponsored by the Altona Wellness Centre.

One of the chefs, Warren Morris, said they try to cook at least 300 litres of food a day to feed the destitute in Woodstock, Salt River and parts of the city centre.

“The best part of what we do is when we deliver the food and we see the smile on people’s faces.

“However, the worst part is when you get to a space and we can’t feed everyone. It’s heartbreaking, but we acknowledge that we will never have enough. So, I want to appeal to people to please support us. Every bit helps.”

Mr Thompson said a group of 10 residents volunteer their time to help prepare, cook, clean and deliver food to the less fortunate, including the elderly at the old-age homes, the old Woodstock Hospital site and the transitional housing site in Salt River.

The group depends on donations from the community to keep the kitchen running. To contribute in any way, email wscup20@gmail.com or call Mr Thompson on
074 728 2521.