Learn how you can help save the turtles

A loggerhead turtle named Nobomvu was tangled in a ghost fishing net and rescued by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation.

The Two Oceans Aquarium and the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, in partnership with Consol Glass and the V&A Waterfront, will have an interactive and informative #SaveOurTurtles Ocean Superheroes activation until Monday August 2 in the centre court area of the Waterfront’s Victoria Mall.

The activation will focus on messages around the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sea turtles by the aquarium foundation, and a reduction in the use of plastic.

It will include a combination of facts, designs and interactive play areas for children. The stand has been designed to encourage visitors to learn more about the plight of sea turtles, become familiar with some of the stories of various turtles that have been rehabilitated by the aquarium foundation over the years, and to learn more about the things that caused these turtles to end up in the rehabilitation programme in the first place.

The chairperson of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, Ann Lamont, said 71% percent of the turtles that have been rescued this year and are being rehabilitated by the foundation’s programme, have ingested plastic.

Their most recent arrival, a 50kg loggerhead turtle named Nobomvu, was tangled in a ghost fishing net.

“The Two Oceans Aquarium and the aquarium foundation are committed to working collaboratively with SOLVE, a V&A Waterfront initiative that is committed to building better futures, and to innovate and build awareness around the importance of reducing plastics use”, said Ms Lamont.

“The V&A Waterfront connects the people of Cape Town with the ocean and is committed to solving for a better future for its people and the ocean. The Waterfront is also working with tenants and visitors across the neighbourhood to reduce single-use plastics, innovate around alternatives and lessen the impact on ocean life.”