Inspring young women

Pastor Zintle Ndamase, in front, with some of the team members and guests who attended the event.

Zintle Ndamase, pastor at Believers Love World (BLW) Campus Ministry

On August 22 we held our very first Born Victorious_Daughter You Can Make It Program at the Damelin City Campus in Darling Street.

I invited various speakers to come and inspire young women in the respect fields of expertise.

The aim of this programme was to inspire and motivate them to go for their dreams and to show them that other women have made it.

I believe that as a leader you are sent ahead. You go through something so that you can come back and show the others the way.

The number of people who turned up for the event is not what I had anticipated.

But I learnt that it is not about numbers, rather it is about the impact you have on the people that are there. Everyone who was in attendance testified to receiving a lot of insight and inspiration, this includes some of our brothers who joined us.

It’s a pity that most young women missed out on such a programme. This showed us that young women, most particularly in the Western Cape need to be informed about these events and their importance. In cities like Johannesburg you would even find high school girls attending these events.

We need to make awareness about the importance of these events.

Success means alot of different things to people.

To me, success means using what you have to impact your world in a positive way. Success is impacting your world with the investment of your personality.

I can safely say that we have attained success.

And we certainly do not despise the day of humble beginnings. We know that this is the beginning of great things to come.

I would like to thank my team who supported me all the way: Rachel Mahlangu, Mandisa Ndlovu, Anathi Booi, Inathi, Lebo Petane, Zolani and Seipati Titipana. And I would also like to extend my my heartfelt gratitude to the guest speakers who used their time, knowledge and resources for the benefit of others: Bulelwa Basse, Rachel Mahlangu, Afika Higa, Thulisa Dyantyi, Lungiswa Xongo and Zukiswa Fana.

Pastor Zintle Ndamase is a student at CPUT, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.