Indoni dancers

Mbovu Malinga during the performance of The Journey in Green Point Urban Park.

Capetonians were in for a treat on Sunday April 22, when the energy, cheerfulness and artistic talent of the Indoni dancers, from the Indoni Academy, was showcased and highlighted at the Green Point Urban Park.

Directed by Indoni Artistic director, Sbonakaliso Ndaba, the group performed a contemporary and music dance dubbed The Journey. The Journey features a series of dance performances such as Inkululeko”Inkululeko shows the struggle of our people, where politicians play with people’s minds, visiting their communities during elections,acting like they care and after elections they are never seen in those communities again,” said Ms Ndaba.

Ms Ndaba said The Journey potrays the history of black South Africans, who were prohibited from accessing certain areas during apartheid. It is done through dance.

Ms Ndaba described Indoni is an umbrella body that unites people who are interested in art despite their backgrounds. It seeks to provide excellence for dance and integrated arts, in the culturally rich townships, through its contemporary African-centred approach, while honouring South African heritage.

She said they took all types of art from abroad and the most remote and deepest rural areas of South Africa.

Ms Ndaba said the country slowly drifted away from people living in rural areas and their plan was to go back and find the forgotten art. “We want to be able to communicate with the elderly in our rural areas, and young children who are interested in art by going to them and speak languages that they can all understand,” she said.