Home honours its volunteers

There were many who worked hard behind the scenes to make this day a success. Here are the staff dressed in denim, in line with the denim and diamonds theme.

On Saturday August 11, Christine Revell Children’s Home hosted a Women’s Day event at the Cullinan Hotel in the city centre, in honour of those who volunteer their services at the home.

The 80 guests were women from all walks of life, including trustees, management committee members, staff, volunteers, host parents, foster parents and sponsors.

The women came dressed in their denim and diamonds, and lived up to the theme — I matter, you matter, we matter.

Among the speakers and performers were Marelyn Schultz, Latasha Storm, Vincent Voegt and Aneeshia October.

Director of Christine Revell Children’s Home, Alicia Rhoda, thanked all those who made the day possible, including donor Peter Langeveldt, Gavin Jansen for donating the sound and playing special songs, and photographer Stephen Petersen.

“Special thanks to the Tsogo Sun Cullinan Hotel staff who made us feel special and the chef’s who prepared the brunch for our women,” Ms Rhoda added.