Highlighting animal rights

Petro Diamant, Simone Heradien and Laney Libelula

Capetonians united for animals and marched to Parliament on Saturday, April 6, as animal rights activists around the world took to the streets in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. More than 100 organisations either pledged their allegiance to its objectives or attended the event. Among them were Beauty Without Cruelty, PETA, Animal Law reform, PDSA, SPCA and AfriPaw. The march sought to deliver a memorandum to parliament to urge national and local government to review and uphold policies around the Animal Protection Laws; show collective concern for the abuse and murder of wildlife and domestic animals; highlight the plight of lions in the canned hunting business, working horses and dogs; poaching and testing on animals, and the illegal trade and trafficking of animals around the world.