Free online tutoring for grade 10s

The founders of Paper Video, Paul Maree and Christopher Mills.

Papervideo, the CBD-based online platform that allows high school pupils to access assisted learning resources and videos from experienced teachers, has now made maths and physical science subject maps free for Grade 10 pupils.

Subject maps are made up of each concept that needs to be taught during the year in the maths and physics curriculum for Grade 10, with each concept linked to a video lesson by one of the Paper Video teachers.

Pupils are now able to download the subject map from as well as tutorial videos they can use with the learning material.

Alternatively, pupils can download the Paper Video app and use the QR codes on the subject maps to access videos of the specific topics.

When a student is struggling with any concept, they can use the Paper Video app or website to watch the video lesson for that concept on their phone, tablet or computer. The map’s structure also allows students to see for themselves how concepts develop and expand over time, as well as which concepts they may need to revise if they are battling to understand something. Lessons that would otherwise have been in a book can also be downloaded.

The project was co-founded by former Westerford High School and Centre for Science and Technology (COSAT) teacher, Paul Maree and former COSAT teacher, Christopher Mills.

Mr Mills said he first got the idea for Paper Video after he struggled with a physical science problem and was searching for a solution on YouTube.

“I found the video half an hour later, and the amount of time it took me versus how much it helped wasn’t worth it.

“There are lots of resources on paper like past exam papers and textbooks, and there are lots of videos online. It’s up to pupils to make those links, so we’ve just put it together and eliminated the struggle to find the video solutions to match the papers.

“The idea is for pupils to have an experienced teacher at the click of a button, whenever they are needed.”

Mr Mills said the resources provided focus on what they call ‘the big four’ – mathematics, physical science, life sciences and accounting.

“We focused on the subjects that will get pupils into university.”

Resources are offered from Grades 8 to 12 in the form of exam papers, DVDs, SD cards and USB disks, the website, the app and subject maps. And while some of the resources still have to be paid for at a reasonable price, Mr Maree said they are ultimately moving towards making resources free for every grade.

“Other subject maps for other grades still need to be bought, but we make them using durable material – they are not made from paper. People sometimes also ask for the hard copy of the Grade 10 subject map, which also needs to be bought.

“It’s our attempt to make the lessons completely available to Grade 10 students struggling with physics and mathematics.”

Paper Video has also partnered with the Actuarial Society Educational Trust (ASET) , which assists them with corporate donations in the development of learning materials, and sponsors them to pupils who cannot afford to buy the resources that need to be paid for.

“Sometimes the corporates have pre-existing relationships with schools which we will then donate to, or the Department of Education will nominate schools. Sometimes schools will also take initiative and tell us why they need the resources.

“These resources are designed to help all students, irrespective of their background. For students who attend dysfunctional schools, the resources offer an opportunity to access quality educators. While for students from more privileged backgrounds, the resources offer a solution to the ever-increasing cost of private tuition.”

Mike McDougall, CEO of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, which manages ASET, has experienced the resources as both a sponsorship partner and a

“I have seen the effectiveness of the Paper Video exam resources first-hand when they helped my son excel in his matric finals for science. This has made us all the more proud that we’ve gotten the same quality resources sponsored for over 20 000 students at more than 100 schools. We’re now excited for this new era of helping the development of resources such as the subject maps that can freely be accessed by any student across the country.”

How to get started with free Grade 10 mathematics and science subject maps:

Step 1: Go to the Paper Video website.

Step 2: Register an account for free.

Step 3: Select the Grade 10 subject maps.

Step 4: Find the lesson you need on the map. As an optional extra, you can purchase a hardcopy version of Grade 10 subject maps at the online store.

Step 5: Download and print the worksheet for the lesson.

Step 6: Watch the video lesson. You can watch the video lessons on the Paper Video website or via the Paper Video app.